Thursday, December 29, 2005

Now that's what I call an Evening!

SE with the CEO

It has been, as it should have been, first NRN and then Nandan. I would have said Mr. Nilekani but we are supposed to call everybody by their first names. The occassion was Infosys Excellence Awards 2005 and Nandan had descended to Mysore, by choice as he said. A very friendly and nice person to talk to, he makes you feel special while talking to him. He corrected me when I called him a "9 pointer in college" and said that on the contrary he was a "much relaxed" guy and nowhere near 9.

I am all ears!

I further asked him the same question which I had asked NRN, and as expected the reply wasn't any different, though laced with his trademark humour. He obliged the all the autograph mongers, choc-a-bloc with their names and a personal message. No wonder why NRN handed over the reigns of the firm to him.

Mobbed by the junta

The award function followed, with all the DCs videoconferenced. Shabana Azmi was the guest of honor at Bangalore. Having topped FTII and won every award for acting in India at least thrice, she was a befitting candidate for the honor. The awards rolled in, and it was IVS all the way ending up as the most decorated department. And it had to be ... it's my IBU afterall!


The high point for the crowd of course was the free dinner and the DJ which followed, and Boy, did it rock? So with two more days to go for the New Year, it seems a nice run up the Eve before I bid adieu to Mysore.



Anonymous said...

So finally.... Met Nandan too. That's really great. Congratulations for entering into production. Anyways, wish you a very happy new year.

Rambler said...

Thanks for the wishes! janaab ab yeh bhi batayenge ki aap hain kaun?

Anonymous said...

Any guesses,NO? Ok, i won't pester you more. Myself, Miss Anita Sharma (remeber?)

Rambler said...

Hey, Anita ... how are u doing? u got SETlabs, bang ... and ofcourse I do remember ... seeya some time ...