Sunday, January 01, 2006

Tao Wa!

Name : Ding Defen, Nickname : DingDing , English Name : Jessica! And she is one of my sweetest friends that I met in Infy. We met amidst a lot of confusion and due to a strange situation that arose, reaffirming my faith on the the dictum that you meet the best people/friends in the strangest of situations. We hit it off like a house on fire, and the endless chats peppered with food both Indian and Chinese were always the highlights of our rendezvous. Inanities and banters reached the summit of course, when we had Zhu "the rabbit" with us, our common friend. We are each other's windows to our respective countries and cultures for each other, and probably that's why we gifted each others' snapshots of our cultures. She gifted me a "Tao Wa" and me a "Ganesha" figurine to her. A "Tao Wa" is what a nested doll is called in chinese. "Tao" means "nested" and "Wa" means "Doll". Like layers pf people, whom who get to know with time, layer by layer.Unlike these dolls though, you never get to reach the "core" of a person. You never stop discovering people, even those whom you think you have "known" for years. That can be the worst and the best part of them as well.
Adding to all the confusion is the fact that, it's not important how long have you known somebody, but how that person has made you feel for the time that you have been together. Ding now is in a different city and soon I'll be going further away from her, and I don't know whether we'll ever see each other again. But as they say, life is too big a journey and the world too small a place to live in. Amen!

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