Friday, September 30, 2005

Aao fir koi nazm kahein

Aao fir koi nazm kahein,
fir kisi dard ko sahla ke suja lein ankhen,
fir kisi dukhti rag se chhua de nashtar,
ya kisi bhooli huee raah pe mudkar,
ek baar naam lekar kisi humnaam ko aawaaz hi dein lein,
aao fir koi nazm kahein...


Thursday, September 29, 2005


"Powered by Intellect, driven by Passion" .... so goes the Infy punchline and it hasn't been more apparent than now, now that I am a part of it and jostling to be in the thick of things. It's been a couple of weeks or thereabouts that i've been here and finally I seem to have overcome the awe. Conjuring something like this Campus out of the wilderness that Mysore is is really a Houdini act. It appeared more like a resort where unfortunately, i thought, i'd have to work. The past couple of weeks have gone by enjoying the spoils of this place, the bowling alleys, the poolside, the huge TT room, the squash courts, basketball courts, the foodcourts, even the long winding roads and the landscaping in campus, and the huge edifices of the Global Education Center or the GEC as it is called here. Watching this campus is a delight, and it reflects Infy's aspirations of being the top software services firm globally. It is the largest Software Development facility in the world, for that matter...
But there's where the honeymoon ends, the baptizm started with the technical course material that we got yesterday and the pressure has started mounting. It was de ja vu wading my way through the footpaths through the untimely but pleasant drizzlimg, holding an "Infosys" umbrella at 0330 hrs in the morning, coming back to my room from the Software Development Block 2 (SDB2, which houses my cubicle) after completing my 9th program of the day. And I happy and sad at the same time, because of reasons both professional and otherwise. There was a sublime melancholy about being lonely, all alone by myself in campus which houses around 4000 people. But it was just a thought, people were still going on with the drudgeries of life, the workers at the food court 1 were stacking up chairs, GEC was bustling with people preparing frantically for their comprehension or "compre" test, the watchmen trudging their girth around in their raincoats. This place never sleeps.
It's 2200 hrs, as I am writing this in the Cybercafe at the top of the GEC, with SDB2 beckoning me for the Day2 assignments, tomorrow's just going to be another day at work...