Tuesday, December 27, 2005


A young Amrita Pritam, madly in love with Sahir, once wrote his name hundreds of times on a sheet of paper while addressing a press conference. There's was a profound, though strange relationship.They would meet without exchanging a word, Sahir would puff away; after Sahir's departure, Amrita would smoke the cigarette butts left behind by him. After his death, Amrita said she hoped the air mixed with the smoke of the butts would travel to the other world and meet Sahir. I just wish that now, that she has herself become smoke ... she can be one with Sahir in some other world.


Sheetal said...

Ah, a Sahir fan! Hail fellow, well met.

Rambler said...

well met indeed! :)

silbil said...

Theer was a pain
I inhaled it
like a cigarette

there are a few songs
i've flicked off
like ashes
from the cigarette...