Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It happened one night.

My craving for music is insatiable, and for some days I've been trying to search sites which can play Indian songs online with windows media player support, because I can't install real player or other software on the PCs here. I knew a couple of such sites, but got really bored listening to the same songs again and again. And guess what, I struck gold. I found this site which has this collection of old hindi film songs, some of them rare ones. I didn't like old hindi film music when I was a child, which is natural because it needs mellowness to actually enjoy it, and it has like soft moss, slowly but steadily, grown upon me over the years. Most of these songs were played overnight, again and again (much to our chagrin!) from the carefully assorted cassettes in the dashboard, during the long car journeys to MP, when Pop used to drive, Mum by his side and all of us, sleepy or agog trying to make sense of it all.
So I started the day(night?) with "yeh mera prem patra padh kar", a song reverberating with the innocence and the pureness of first "love" and brought back the images of the days when "love letters" were written, torn, thrown away and sometimes with much audacity, left on "the person's" desk to be bemusedly found when she returned. Not to mention the storm and the gossip rounds which followed as a result of such gallant acts. While I was smiling all by myself, the track changed and came along an all time favourite, "Ajeeb dastan hai yeh". There's something about this song ... Lata's voice, the lyrics, Meena Kumari, the melancholy, the guitar notes, the pain of unrequited love ... I wouldn't know what. Perhaps all of these in small unmeasured doses, recreating that sweet magical feeling. The songs kept playing ... "rasik balma","woh bhooli dastan, lo fir yaad aa gayi", "khoya khoya chaand","gumnaam hai koi","jab chali thhandi hawa" and many more, each came with a special moment, forgotten to be remembered ... frozen by time, thawed by the warmth of these magical renditions, keeping me snug while the night kept rolling by swiftly ...

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