Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poora Mind Fuck!

DM [12:03 PM]:
amit bhai ....
DM [12:03 PM]:
u there??
Amit Kumar Singh [12:03 PM]:
yes sir ..
Amit Kumar Singh[12:04 PM]:
bol ..
DM [12:05 PM] sends:

Open (Alt+P)
You have successfully received F:\Amit's Songs\a.zip from DM . Before you open this file, we strongly recommend that you scan it with an antivirus program.
Amit Kumar Singh [12:06 PM]:
DM [12:13 PM]:
Paanch ke gaane sun na... poora mind fuck stuff
Amit Kumar Singh[12:13 PM]:
maa bahan ki yaad ... LOLzz I love this song!

...and ever since, "Yeh Kaisa hai Shahar" from Paanch (that censored movie from Anurag Kashyap) has played gazillion times on my PC. Move over Janis Joplin!