Monday, December 19, 2005

A day well spent!

Okay, the albatross is finally off my neck, and I am so glad it is. And it turned out to be a nice day unexpectedly. Tottered back to my room and ordered a mushroom-onion pizza after we got the "news". Gorged on it all by myself, while drooling over Gisele Bundchen on TV. In between also came to know that India has had a field day at the Motera test. Smiles again!
Then hit the bowling alley with Abhilash, and how! We blew up one whole grand between us, and played "i-dunno-how-many" frames on the trot.

Blue Fuzz!

Lost some and won some (That's the way it works, honey!). They had turned the neon lights, on and we were literally in the "blue" and add to it the rocking music that they play. I get the kicks out of that place!

My first S-T-R-I-K-E of the day!

Raided the pool room, played pool until dinner time, tucked in Malai Chicken with Lachcha Parathha for dinner, checked Outlook for mails, called Gugs, Beast and Ding, came back to my room, heard the song "Do naina, ek kahani" and kept humming it again and again, ended up watching "Sparsh", starring Naseer and Shabana.

Boogie-Woogie ... Bowling shoes!

And as is my wont, became nostalgic over the good ol' DD days, having seen it years ago. A day well spent indeed, a nice one in quite some time. Things turned out my way, kicked ass, had fun, did things that I wanted to, and all that throughout the day. As it ends, all I can say is ... all's well that ends well!

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