Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poora Mind Fuck!

DM [12:03 PM]:
amit bhai ....
DM [12:03 PM]:
u there??
Amit Kumar Singh [12:03 PM]:
yes sir ..
Amit Kumar Singh[12:04 PM]:
bol ..
DM [12:05 PM] sends:

Open (Alt+P)
You have successfully received F:\Amit's Songs\a.zip from DM . Before you open this file, we strongly recommend that you scan it with an antivirus program.
Amit Kumar Singh [12:06 PM]:
DM [12:13 PM]:
Paanch ke gaane sun na... poora mind fuck stuff
Amit Kumar Singh[12:13 PM]:
maa bahan ki yaad ... LOLzz I love this song!

...and ever since, "Yeh Kaisa hai Shahar" from Paanch (that censored movie from Anurag Kashyap) has played gazillion times on my PC. Move over Janis Joplin!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Chhalla vas nahi o mere / The ring, it listens to no one
Chhalla vas meri maan de / The ring, it listens only to my Mother
Ghallegi tan jange / It will leave only if she tells it to
Ve gall sun, chhalleya / Listen my love
Khaure keeta kis is ‘te toona / Don’t know who’s cast this spell

Chhalla aa pia khuh ‘te / The ring, it lies on the well
Gallan karie munh ‘te / Let’s talk face to face
Ve gall sun, chhalleya / Listen my love
Sanu vekhan nu tera ji ni karda / Don’t you wanna see me sometime
Tainu vekhe bina mera ni sarda / It’s hard for me not to see you

Chhalla bambii da paani / The ring, Earth's water
Kithhey veh gaye ne jaani / Where has my love drifted to
Asaan khabar ko na jaani / I have no news
Ve gall sun, chhalleya / Listen my love
Teri beri ik uggeya ey kanda / On your berry has grown a thorn

Chhalla ambian kachian / The ring, unripe mangoes
Mattan de koi sachian / Someone give me sage advices
Laiey lekhe jo bachian / Let’s commit to contemplation
Terian merian gharian / What’s left of time, yours and mine
Ve gall sun, chhalleya / Listen my love
Langh javan ain na umran khaali / Or our lives will go waste

Chhalla gut ik lammi / The ring, a long braid
Asan supne si chummi / I kissed it in my dream
Hoi neeyat si anni / The desire had gone blind
Asan dil di si manni / But I listened to my heart
Ve gall sun, chhalleya / Listen my love
Hun de lai jehrhi deni ey sazaa / Now punish me as you will

Chhalla boardh ik ‘kalla / The ring, a lone banyan
Unhe fardheya ey palla / He holds on to the
Thalle dharat utte Allah / Earth below and God above
Ve gall sun, chhalleya / Listen my love
Khaure jandian kinni dunghian jarhan / How far run his roots
Es gall da os khud nu nahi pata / He knows not himself

~Rabbi Shergill

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Nahin nigaah mein manzil to just-a-joo hi sahi,
nahin visaal mein mayassar, to aarzoo hi sahi ...


Friday, May 02, 2008


Ambar pe milte hain qadmon ke nishaan tere hi, har shaam...
Khidki pe likh jaata hai koi, os kii boondon se tera naam..