Wednesday, October 12, 2005


"We all have a streak of madness and we shouldn't try losing it, because it's that which drives us" .... this is my pet line that I tell people when I am at my philosophical best. It's this madness which makes our lives worth living or else it would be boring. The monotony will get the better of us.
The other day, amidst the strummings of my guitar (yesirrrrrrrrrr I am taking guitar lessons from Jacob) the three of us, me , Jacob and Asoka sat there on the stairs of the amphitheatre discussing about the absoluteness or the relativeness of life. Jacob ofcourse came out with his biblical references, the inveterate Christian that he is. I sat there long after both of them left, playing the chords which Jacob had taught me and brooding over what this streak has made me do and what it will. And all this, in perfect realisation of the fact that it was the madness which makes me practice those chords at the dead of the night (or was it morning?).
Its the madness which made me and Asoka discuss ourselves and ofcourse our pet topic "Relativity" upto 6 in the morning when we knew we had a RDBMS module test from 9am that very morning. He says he'll break relativity and I say he can't because "Relativity" is inherent in nature... it is basic, it is fundamental and he is nothing but a victim of this inescapable fact. From Physics to philosophy its all around us, and has always been there, all it needs is someone who will recognize it. Nothing in the world is "good" or "bad" , there are just shades of grey. "Good" and "Bad" are two unachievable extremes of the same entity, between which everything rests. The moment we try to classify something as "good" or "bad", the very moment we "relativitize" it trying to benchmark it against something. This is a bloody godforsaken paradox.
Even Asoka realizes this fact, though he might not admit because like all of us he has also been gifted with that streak and it will drive him all that he can, to disprove "relativity".
It is this madness which makes us Love and Believe. Believe in ourselves and Love itself. It makes us cross the miles to savour the smile in someone's eyes. It is this madness which makes you believe that life would lose its meaning without that significant "one". It is this which makes your eyes misty, reminiscing of that familiar scent of the "one", that touch, that voice ....

And this very madness is making you read this 'incoherent BS', don't lose it, relish it, nurture it, let it bloom's precious.

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