Friday, October 28, 2005


Of late , a lot of my attention had been brought to something as quaint as milk. Me hating "curd" (milk's manifestation) all these years an now relishingly "rediscovering" it. A chinese friend who relishes Lassi and dares to go alone to a shanty "dhaba" to savour it. My ma, pestering me to have the white liquid more often on phone from across thousands of kilometers.
It also brings to my mind how I mentioned it in the finals of personality contest metaphorically, the audience couldn't get the drift and i blew it up all. Makes me hum a very jazzy jingle from one of my favourite ads "peeyo glassful doodh ..."(KK sung that!) for the operation flood. It brings back memories of my days spent interning for an NGO in a quaint Orissa tribal village where a friend and the Project co-ordinator told me anecdotes of now the orissa government tried to replicate operation flood there and it failed miserably, because the tribals consider it a prerogative of the calf. So much for the common sense, eh!
And when I am criticizing the Indian Cricket team's performance , somewhere Veeru (arrey apna Sehwag) retorts "Doodh shoodh peena padta hai...".Heated discussions refuting "manekas"(gandhi) claims that milk is non vegetarian and can put the very existance of mankind at peril. Ho hum ....

"The Cow is of the bovine ilk,
At one end, moo, at the other milk"

~Ogden Nash

PS: only the quote is by Nash, duffer!


Anonymous said...

hey, it's not "offlate". it's "of late"

Rambler said...

@ anon
thanx! that was a typo!

Anonymous said...

the pics are good. the place is excellent. I wish I could also be in Infosys!

Rambler said...

so do I!