Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Kabhi yuun bhii to ho

Kabhi yuun bhii to ho,
dariyaa kaa saahil ho,
poore chaand ki raat ho,
aur tum aao...

kabhi yuun bhii to ho,
pariyon ki mahfil ho,
koi tumhaari baat ho,
aur tum aao...

kabhi yuun bhii to ho,
ye narm mulaayam thhandi havaayein,
jab ghar se tumhare guzrein tumhaari,
khushboo churaayein mere ghar le aayein,

kabhi yuun bhii to ho,
sooni har manzil ho,
koi naa mere saath ho,
aur tum aao,

kabhi yuun bhii to ho,
ye baadal aise toot ke barse,
mere dil kii tarah milne ko,
tumhaaraa dil bhii tarase,
tum niklo ghar se,

kabhii yuun bhii to ho,
tanhaai ho, dil ho boondein ho,
barasaat ho,
aur tum aao,

kabhii yuun bhii to ho...

~Javed Akhtar

Heard this beautiful song on a lonely, balmy night on radio, while still in college and yet again found myself ensconced in the warmth of Jagjit Singh's voice. Finding a favourite song on air, made me feel as if I have yet again met myself ...


Rustling_Leaves said...

To me, there somehow seems to be an immense sense of nostalgia in this poem. A hint of those yester years when life (including yearnings) seemed simpler. The lost era of black and white!

p.s* haven't heard the song yet; hope it doesn't disappoint.

Monica said...

lovely song!!!

Rambler said...

indeed, the the nostalgic element is very palpable. Besides that i feel, an immense desire to be together comes across this ghazal .... I don't much like Javed Akhtar's persona , but some of his works are too good ... i'll send u an mp3 if i find one ...

lovely indeed! u must listen to it , if u haven't ...