Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poora Mind Fuck!

DM [12:03 PM]:
amit bhai ....
DM [12:03 PM]:
u there??
Amit Kumar Singh [12:03 PM]:
yes sir ..
Amit Kumar Singh[12:04 PM]:
bol ..
DM [12:05 PM] sends:

Open (Alt+P)
You have successfully received F:\Amit's Songs\a.zip from DM . Before you open this file, we strongly recommend that you scan it with an antivirus program.
Amit Kumar Singh [12:06 PM]:
DM [12:13 PM]:
Paanch ke gaane sun na... poora mind fuck stuff
Amit Kumar Singh[12:13 PM]:
maa bahan ki yaad ... LOLzz I love this song!

...and ever since, "Yeh Kaisa hai Shahar" from Paanch (that censored movie from Anurag Kashyap) has played gazillion times on my PC. Move over Janis Joplin!


Abhishek said...

Paanch...send it me too plz.

Rustling_Leaves said...

Send across the song!

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