Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ek geet ... Eh geet

Ajj asaan ve bolna / Today I shall speak
Ajj kise na tokna / Today I shan't be stopped
Lekh ve jindrhi da / The script of destiny
Ajj asaan ve bhogna / Today I shall live it

Na roveen meet moiyan te mere / Don't cry at my death my Friend
Na paavin vainh moiyan te / Don't sing mournful tunes
Tu gaaveen geet / Sing instead this song
Ek geet / This Song

Kal jo beet gaya / Yesterday, all that passed
Na beeteya O jo beet gaya / Hasn't passed but remains with me
Sool mere seene / A thorn in my heart
Vairi khob gaya / Driven by Foe

Keetey main sab chaare / I've used all options
Saarey upaa haare / All cures have failed
Ehda 'laaj bas ek geet / The only cure is this song
Ek geet hijar da / A song of longing

Ek geet hijar da / A song of longing
Ek geet sabar da / A song of restraint
Ek geet karam da / A song of kindness
Ek geet reham da / A song of mercy

Ek geet milan da / A song of union
Ek geet balan da / A song of burning
Ek geet gunaah da / A song of Sin
Ek geet panaah da / A song of pardon

Ek geet, Ek geet, Ek geet / A song, A song, A song

Hunh na kujh disda / Now I see nothing
Hunh na kujh sujhda / Now I can't grasp anything
Zehar naseebaan da / Since the poison of the fate
Ajj asaan jo peeta / Has been mine to drink

Sa'te taras kareen / Have mercy on me
Na lekha mera mangii / Don't ask for my liabilities
Ve tu sunii eh mera geet / Just listen this song of mine

Vekheen zara / Look here
Na hove kharaab / Don't let it go waste
Boohey tere, hanju mera / This teardrop of mine
Ho jaave tere dar te manzoor / Let it be accepted at your gate
Mere Huzoor / My Master

Eh geet hijar da / This song of longing
Eh geet sabar da / This song of restraint
Eh geet karam da / This song of kindness
Eh geet reham da / This song of mercy

Eh geet milan da / This song of union
Eh geet balan da / This song of burning
Eh geet gunaah da / This song of Sin
Eh geet panaah da / This song of pardon

Eh geet, Eh geet, Eh geet / This song, This song, This song

~Rabbi Shergill


Rustling_Leaves said...

Beautiful song...
I would've liked pardon to be in yellow too my friend...

silbil said...

it might not be appropriate to cry in office so maybe i will not listen to the song the 18th time...
this and tere bin both raise my hopes and expecations about love and life...

Rambler said...

i would've liked some other words too, but...

let go dear ... didn't know that u were a Rabbi fan too. Both these songs are "MY" songs ... thanks for the link.

silbil said...

ummm what's with the YELLOW that a pvt conversation...
okay they are your songs but they become ours now...

Megha said...

oh wow thnks to u warna mujhe samjhne mein thodi prob ho jaati :))

Rambler said...

it's the yellowness which engulfs me.

bahut bahut welcome hai jii ... aap ko prob ho ye humein kahan munaasib hoga? :)

Deepak said...

Girls girls girls....a day will come when people will be frightened of girls

They have misused all the freedom that have had.

No wonder when a girl child is born in rural India it is killed.

This is becuses the parents fear the wrath and storm she can create in anyones life.

For more proof and statistics read this link of my dear brother who has put it correctly

and freedom without rules is good freeedom and woman have miused all the freedom thay have got.

blah_blah_blogger said...

Only the music has been composed by Rabbi...the lyrics are by shiv batalvi.

Rambler said...

Hey Blah_Blah, thanks for visiting my blog. I've written Rabbi's name here because, albeit the original words being by Batalvi, the form of the song posted here is Rabbi's version.

rahul said...

I think you should mention Shiv Kumar Batalvi's name as well. Although Rabbi has done very good with composition, but the actual intensity of ths song is from Batalvi's.