Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Hairan hoon is baat par,
ki aaj tak kuchch likha kyun nahin,
harfon ke taaney baaney mein uljha kyon nahin,

masroof raha har shauq-e-tabiyat mein,
qalam aaj tak dil se lagayi kyon nahin,
aisa nahin ki, nahin thha padhne ka shauq humein,
lekin phir bhi lafz dil se kabhi zabaan par aaye hi nahin,

jo misre aaj tak anjaane thhey,
jo tanha, pur-lutf guzare zamaane thhey,
kyon de rahe woh aaj dastak khidkiyon-darwaazon par,
kyon kah rahe aaj, ki humein bulate kyon nahin,

kyon chhalak rahe aaj palkon se parey,
woh khat jo usne mere naam kare,
likh raha hoon aaj lekin usko uski hi jaanib se,
yaad usi ki aayi hai, lekin aaj labon par muskurahat kyon nahin

hairan hoon is baat par ki aaj tak,
kuchch likha kyun nahin,
harfon ke taaney baaney mein uljha kyon nahin...


Much to my own dismay,
out of my own self disarray
I wrote this on a sultry, languid August afternoon
and happens to be my first Urdu/Hindi croon,
kudos and critiques will be delightful,
lest they are not insightful ....


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Kanupriya said...

Maanu, that is GOOD. You never let me know u cud write that well.

I especially like the selection of words. :-)